Commercial Services

Historically, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) has concentrated their efforts on Federal Government agencies . Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. APT has broadened its target to include commercial companies which make up the bulk of the United States infrastructure. It is this trend that compels Intelligent Network Security (INS) to provide its services and knowledge to the commercial sector.

Intelligent Network Security can assist companies in protecting their assets as well as the integrity of their data. The retail market has been hit hard recently and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with sharing their sensitive information, be it online or while swiping their cards in a store. Our services will provide, to both businesses and consumers, confidence of security while participating in an exchange of goods and services.

The healthcare industry, whether it be a hospital or an insurance company, captures and stores their clients most sensitive information in their networks. And while they have certain protections, like the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA for short, and security protocols in place to protect that information electronically it has been proven recently that all networks are vulnerable to penetration. INS would like to extend its service to help protect companies from APT.

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